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Stigma Pumps
To solve all your fluid flow problems


Stigma volumetric pumps have been designed to find their place in any laboratory. These piston pumps are reliable, accurate, robust and can solve all
your fluid flow problems. It becomes easy to put under pressure gas, liquid with more or less important viscosity, or corrosive fluids. 

Stigma pumps are ideal for the following applications :

  • High pressure liquid chromatography HPLC
  • Adding fluid accurately in the field of research and manufacturing processes
  • Formulation of reagents in the development of chemical processes
  • Accurate dosing of liquefied gases
  • Core flooding, permeability measurements,...

Stigma pumps can perform the following :

  • Constant flow rate
  • Continuous constant flow rate
  • Constant pressure with programmable ramp
  • Preset volume of constant flow


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